5 "Little Known" Reasons Your Hair Gets Tangled And How To Prevent It.

June 05, 2015

Do you wake up to tangle, knotted hair in the morning? Does your hair seem to miraculously become more tangled as the day goes on? These 5 little known reasons are probably why and how to prevent them in the future. 

1. No Conditioner = Dry Tangled Hair

Most don’t do this enough, but conditioner will help keep your hair healthy and silky. Hair that isn’t conditioned properly becomes dry, and dry hair is more likely to tangle and become matted. Conditioning in the shower is the most convenient, but also consider using “leave-in” conditioner treatments too.

Leave in conditioners can be used at anytime after washing to reduce tangles and breakage.

2. Avoid Bunching And Using A Towel To Tie Up Your Hair

After a shower or bath, most will immediately reach for the towel and tie up the hair. Although convenient, this can cause more tangles & knots. It is always best to work a detangling brush or comb through your hair, either while in the shower, or right after it.

Taking care of your hair first, especially combing it out, before hitting the makeup is much better.

3. Split Ends Turn Into Tangles

Most don’t realise that cutting your hair actually promotes healthy hair growth. Getting a regular trim will get rid of those damaged split ends, and promote a tangle free healthier head of hair.

4. Your Favourite Hat Could Be Your Enemy

Time to get slightly scientific here. Did you know that wool and cotton can suck the moisture out of your hair? That is exactly what hats do.

Yes, hiding a bad hair day from time to time is needed by us all, but be aware that the cotton and wool in the hats you choose to wear are drying your hair out and can produce more tangles & knots.

5. Combs And Brushes Not Made For Tangles = NIGHTMARE SCENARIO!

A good detangling brush such as the Smart Salon Detangler or a professional paddle brush can help keep on top of tangles and knots. They are designed to smooth out your hair, where other standard brushes are not.

Smoothing hair without the force and pull that normal brushes produce is key to keeping tangles and knots at bay all day. Trying to detangle hair with a brush that is not made for that will be painful, and create more frizz and hair loss.

Good detangling brushes make it easy to work through your hair to keep it smooth and silky.

The different sized teeth help smooth out any stray tangles and knots without pain or pulling, which is what happens when using a regular brush.

Tangles, knots and unruly hair do not have to be a nightmare. Using the right brush can make all the difference. If you are in need of a professional detangling brush, check out our options here.

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