Hair Detangling Brush - Smart Salon Detangler (PINK)

Smart Salon Professional

HANDLE DESIGN GIVES YOU MORE CONTROL - The smart handle design on this detangling brush gives you more control & comfort when brushing. You can now control the pressure easily and speed through your tangles and knots without dropping your brush, or having to go over the same tangles several times.

THE BEST BRUSH AT REMOVING TANGLES AND KNOTS - Different sized teeth setup help to detangle all knots and tangles smoothly, without pulling. With the added control and comfort, this brush makes detangling easier than ever before.

WORKS ON ALL HAIR TYPES - This detangling brush works on wet and dry hair. Use it on the move, or right out of the shower. It also works on all hair types including extensions and wigs.

KIDS LOVE THIS TOO - We all know how hard tangles and knots can be to brush out in young kids! The handle design of this detangling brush gives you more control. You can control the pressure and glide through young children's hair easily without tears.

LESS HAIR LOSS, NO PAIN & LESS STRESS - Other detangling hair brushes pull hair out with vicious teeth. They can also cause pain on the scalp too. Not the Smart Salon Detangler! With specially designed teeth, the hair brush is much more delicate on the scalp and reduces hair loss considerably as it smoothes out tangles and knots. (it does exactly what it is supposed to do)

How's It Made?

The smart salon detangler is made from the highest quality materials which include the following:

  • Multi Layered Plastic Pins/Bristles
  • Lightweight & Easy Hold

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