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The 3 MUST-HAVE Tools For The Perfect Blow Dry

May 20, 2019

It’s Friday night.

It’s been a long week and you’re ready to let your hair down. But wait-- how’s your hair looking? After the daily hustle and grind, your locks are a sweaty, tangly mess, urgh.

Now you’ve got a choice to make: either drown this mess in dry shampoo and pray for dim lighting, or gulp some espresso and get to work.

For those with mediocre blow drying skills, prepare to improve your styling game. Whether you’re headed to a windy patio or a cozy lounge, you need to feel confident about leaving your house with your locks flowing free.

Ready to begin?

Here are your 3 must-have tools for the perfect blow dry.
  • 1. Hair detangler brush

    Straight out of the shower, your hair strands are weakest. If you impatiently brush your wet mop, the tugging action will tear the cuticles, causing broken hairs and frizz.

    Never commit this faux-pas if you’re serious about getting the perfect blow dry.


    How to detangle wet hair..

    To properly detangle wet hair, be careful and gentle -- but most impotantly, use a professional detangler brush.


    We carry two different options for this if you haven't got one.

    Our detangling brush, or our everyday professional paddle brush will also do a great job at detangling those locks ready for the blow dry.

    Before detangling, make sure to towel-dry your soaking ends. Using a light touch, squeeze the towel against the wet areas until mildly damp.

    This step prepares your strands for the detangling process by removing excess moisture, making your hair less vulnerable to breaking.

    Okay, after the detangle, it's time to grab the serum.

  • 2. Hair serum

  • Never underestimate the power of good hair serum. For dull or damaged hair, serum can boost your locks with hydration and luster.

    By coating your hair in proteins and vitamins, serums help restore dry, brittle strands. If your hair is colour-treated, a serum can rescue drab pigment by polishing the outer shaft with nourishing ingredients such as B vitamins and argan oil. Or if split ends are a problem, opt for a heavy-duty repair serum that contains collagen for a healthy look.

    Once you’ve massaged the serum throughout your locks, you’re ready for the perfect blow dry.  

  • 3. Ceramic blow dry brush

  • Nobody want to go out with ratty, stringy ends. To raise the volume of your hair, a ceramic blow dry brush is the answer and here's why...

    Safer heat styling.

    Not all metals heat up evenly. With ceramic, you get an even application of heat, which grazes through each hair strand uniformly. No random flyaways or frizz— just reliable results.

    The consistency in hair texture is due to the even distribution of negative ions. This thermal energy closes the hair cuticle, creating a silky-smooth effect. As you rotate the brush, while encircling the strands, you create bouncy, pick-up-worthy hair. 

    A sexier, shinier finish.

    Light-reflecting locks are the ultimate goal. A ceramic bristle brush delivers these results as the negative ions seal the outer layer of the hair shaft, leaving behind a moisture-locked luster. Impressive, yes?

    The basis of this blow dry lesson is that great hair takes work.

    Although you might not achieve Ariana Grande’s bazinga-level waves, you’ll still get volume worth singing about. By using these 3 must-have tools for the perfect blow dry, you can raise your hair standards to celebrity status. Remember, your hair has too much potential to hide in a ponytail. Raise the bar.

    Ready to up your hairbrush game? Check out our professional hairbrushes to suit all hair types, styles and needs.

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