Professional Paddle Hairbrush - Anti Static - One Size

Smart Salon Professional

PROFESSIONAL PADDLE HAIRBRUSH FOR PERFECT HAIR EVERY TIME - Looking for a hairbrush that feels good to use, but also helps you produce "PERFECT" hair every single time? If so, you have just found it.

MAKES BLOW DRYING EASIER, WHILST PROTECTING YOUR SCALP - Want sleeker hair when blow drying, without your brush getting caught or hurting your scalp? This paddle hair brush has specially designed nylon bristles, which sit on a carefully crafted cushioned base, making blow drying a "breeze", whilst also being very soft on your scalp.

WORKS FLAWLESSLY FOR ALL HAIR LENGTHS - The brush is sized to be used on most hair lengths and types. Want that just walked out of the salon look, every single time you blow dry at home? This is the brush for you.

FROM BLOW DRYING TO REMOVING TANGLES - This blow drying brush is perfect for achieving a sleek and shiny blow dry. From wet hair to dry in no time, and very easy to hold and control with a strong grip. It also works well from wet, to remove any tangles seamlessly.

"COMFY TO HOLD AND SLIDES THROUGH THE HAIR EFFORTLESSLY, EVEN ON BAD HAIR DAYS." - A quote from one of our reviews, and if you do not feel the same, we will give you your money back. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

How's It Made?

The professional flat paddle hairbrush is made from the highest quality materials which include the following:

  • Nylon Pins
  • Flexible Rubber Base
  • Perfect Lightweight Grip

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